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Meeting the Staff
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Case Studies

Perhaps the best way to illustrate our tactics is through actual case studies of searches that we have successfully filled. Every search we do, whether a Manager or Chief, has its own set of challenges but one thing remains constant; once we are given a search to work on we move fast and aggressively while always remaining professional. We understand that we are representing your brand and we always paint our clients in the best light. So take a few moments to read through these case studies and let us know how we can help you build out your team. 

Case Study - Director Analytics

Our client, an e-commerce pure play start up in Washington, DC, challenged us to find a Director of Business Intelligence, but not just any analyst would do. This analyst would need experience measuring the results of digital marketing acquisition campaigns, attribution modeling, website funnel optimization and experience building a data warehouse. If that weren't difficult enough, this candidate also needed to have experience with merchandise analytics and experience working in a retail environment.  

We began the search by going through our existing database of 263 digital and marketing analysts. While we reached out to this core group immediately with an intriguing narrative about the benefits of working for our client, we also started reaching out to every analyst in New York City working within relevant industries such as consumer goods, internet and retail. Using a concentric ring method, much like throwing a stone into a pond, we expanded our search outward to 10 different candidate segments. Many of these analysts have little information on their linkedin profiles aside from title and company so we simply included everyone and created a database of 2,361 candidates within 3 days of beginning the search.

Each candidate was contacted through linkedin, email and through social media. We had an email open rate over 83% and received 371 responses via email alone. Each candidate was screened, first with a questionnaire that we developed for the client and then by phone for the most qualified candidates.

We found our candidate on day 7 of the search. He is the only candidate we came across with all of the parts, (marketing, funnel, business intelligence, attribution modeling, merchandising analytics and retail experience) and within the compensation budget. The entire process from start to hire took a total of seven weeks and we continued to work this role until the offer letter was signed. 

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